Lab Furniture & Equipment

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Lab Furniture & Equipment Division

this section shows manufacturers for Lab Furniture, Laminar Air Flow, Tablet Press ( LAB scale).


For almost 100 years, KORSCH has been a global leader in tablet compression technology, producing innovation after innovation, and gaining worldwide recognition as a true specialist.



Waldner have developed and produced laboratory furniture for all applications in Wangen im Allgäu for more than 60 years.

Our laboratory furniture system SCALA is based on a modular principle. Depending on the situation and requirements, it can lead to completely new layout solutions or supplement existing furniture. The consistent adherence to an ingenious size grid for the basic components provides a maximum of design possibilities in every functional area of the laboratory.

Lab Furniture & Equipment
Lab Furniture & Equipment
Tablet Press ( LAB scale)
Every KORSCH machine is produced at our global headquarters in Berlin, Germany to insure the highest level of quality and reliability.  The concentration of product development, manufacturing, equipment sales, technical service, and spare parts support insure a seamless operation that is fully focused and serving our customers.
Lab furniture
“Act instead of react has always been our maxim. Many of our innovations and developments are regarded worldwide as the benchmark and have significantly influenced the workplace in the laboratory.